Saturday, August 2, 2014


Wow.  Could it be that I am at a loss for words here.  Until I figure out what it is I want to write about on our final night in the States (until November 23rd),  I will give the logistics first.  I am on my IPad, so the font and anything else about this post might be off a bit.  I am staying overnight with Ray, of course, at the Marriott hotel near Dulles International airport, and the internet is slow.  I am getting prepared for this when living in Panama.  Patience.  And I have changed the name of this blog.  Starting tomorrow, or whenever I write again, I will be blogging from Apologies for the lack of creativity.  It just made sense, since we will no longer be "wannabretirees".

This will be a short and conflicting post.  Ray and I are super excited about our adventure.  Our retirement to Panama.  We are eager and anxious.  We might even meet up with dear friends, Clyde and Terry, in the city tomorrow, because they might make the drive in to see us.  We are going to go to an expat mixer on Monday night barring any unforeseen occurrences that might get in the way.  But we left our daughter today for this new life.  We spent the past twenty four hours with her.  She spent over three hours in a horrible rush hour yesterday afternoon driving to the lake house after being at work (she just finished teaching summer school and now has three weeks off, and I am so happy she has some downtime for a change).  We had a wonderful dinner at an excellent Italian restaurant near Richmond, VA.  Another hour in the car, but it was so worth it.  Plus, she was trapped in the car talking to us along with Patti, and we had wonderful conversation!  We played cards, and rightfully so, Ray and I each won a hand.  She slept in bed with me and Ray was on a daybed in another room.  I needed to have a sleepover with her.  This morning we spent four hours on our tablets and devices talking and watching tv.  She showed Patti  (lake house roomie) and Ray some additional functions of there Mac computers, Imessaging, and FaceTime audio.  We left Patti a bit teary eyed.  I think we were all ready to just go, say the goodbyes, and finish it.

Two and a half hours more of driving to the hotel, a little time spent in the room, a wonderful dinner and more great conversation among the three of us as well as with her boyfriend, and four pieces of cheesecake shared, and then our day was done.  We said our goodbyes.  We made pacts about calling, and if we cannot chat or if internet is down, or this, that, the other and more.  We three get it.  Her dad and I are mixing it up a bit here.  We are not only changing our lives, but our decision has impacted her along with others.  Change can be good.  It will be great.  Life is about change.  Moving forward.  We are just sad.  Tomorrow, like we told her, we will be in those first class seats to Panama shouting, "bring it"!  For now, I need to get some sleep.  We have lots to accomplish in the next four days.  I want to be alert, awake and ready for it All.  And I am going to embrace it.  But that's tomorrow.

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